Tip: Copied dynamics pasted at the same position are linked back to the original item


  1. Select one or more dynamics and copy.
  2. Paste the dynamics to another staff at the same rhythmic position and Dorico will automatically link them.
  3. When you select a dynamic, any linked dynamics are shown in blue.
  4. Now when you edit one of the dynamics, any linked dynamics are updated to match.

Tip: Shorten or lengthen notes


  1. When note input is active, you can shorten or lengthen the note you have just input by typing Shift+Alt+left or right arrow.
  2. You can change the amount by which the note is shortened or lengthen by increasing or decreasing the value of the rhythmic grid. The key commands for this are Alt+[ and Alt+].
  3. You can also edit existing notes to make the shorter or longer by using the same method. And if Insert mode is active (press I) then subsequent notes will move by the same amount).