Tip: Copy staff spacing


  1. Dorico automatically spaces your music using Layout Options to prevent items colliding, and to make your music look good.
  2. Sometimes, you may wish to match staff spacing across multiple pages to create a more pleasing and balanced layout.
  3. Use the Staff Spacing tool in Engrave mode to manually space staves and systems for one page.
  4. Choose Engrave, Staff Spacing, Copy Staff Spacing…
  5. Set the page you have modified, and the pages you wish to be spaced in the same way.

Tip: Search within options dialogs


  1. When options dialogs are opened, the filter bar is in focus. You can always put the focus in the filter bar by pressing Ctrl/Cmd+L.
  2. Simply start typing to find the page or category you are looking for.
  3. Press Ctrl/Cmd+F to display the search bar at the top of the chosen page. As you type, Dorico will jump to the first result.
  4. Press Ctrl/Cmd+G to move through the search results.
  5. You can even search using the first letter of words in an options description.

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