1. Dorico 3.5 adds the ability to export any portion of your music as a graphics file. Known as Graphic Slices, you can draw out slices on any page in your layouts using the new tool found in Engrave mode.
  2. You can create as many slices as you need, on any page. The names you give your slices will be used as the filenames when you export the graphics.
  3. Use the handles on the slice to resize and reposition. You can also fine-tune using the Properties panel.
  4. Set options such as the graphic format, resolution and color settings. Choose where to save the graphics. When ready, press the Export button at the bottom of the panel to create the graphic files. You can either export all slices at once, or make a selection in the table and export only those.
  5. The graphic slices are saved in the project, meaning you reuse them at any point in the future.

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