1. Add a new flow of music for every question in your worksheet. Input the music you will use in your worksheet, however you can always add further questions later on if required.
  2. Use Project Info (found in the File menu) to give your worksheet a title (use the Title field in the Project tab) and to populate each Flow Headings with the text that will be comprise the questions.
  3. In Engrave mode, disclose the Flow Headings section and double-click the Flow Heading to edit it. Double-click the text to edit it and apply the required formatting. In this example I reduce the size of the text and align it to the left to look more like questions.
  4. Use Layout Options (Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+L) to allow multiple flows on the same page. In this example I have also reduced the Flow heading bottom margin to position it closer to the music.

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