1. There is no requirement to use time signatures or meter, simply input your music without worrying about bars or barlines.
  2. Force accidentals to be shown or hidden.
  3. Hide stems to show only noteheads.
  4. Make music items larger, by any percentage.
  5. Use noteheads that display the pitch of the note.
  6. Remove Rests so they simply do not appear in your music.
  7. Hide Time Signatures – you may need to adjust note spacing (see below) in order to retain a space to write one in by hand.
  8. Delete barlines wherever necessary, without the need to rewrite lots of music.
  9. Use hidden Coda sections to create gaps between questions.
  10. Adjust Note Spacing to position music items exactly where you need them.
  11. Set the barline used at end of flow. Choose from single or double barlines, or even no barline at all.

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