Tip: Search within options dialogs


  1. When options dialogs are opened, the filter bar is in focus. You can always put the focus in the filter bar by pressing Ctrl/Cmd+L.
  2. Simply start typing to find the page or category you are looking for.
  3. Press Ctrl/Cmd+F to display the search bar at the top of the chosen page. As you type, Dorico will jump to the first result.
  4. Press Ctrl/Cmd+G to move through the search results.
  5. You can even search using the first letter of words in an options description.

Tip: Navigate your music in Write mode


  1. Move between notes in a voice with the left/right arrow keys.
  2. Use the up/down arrow keys to move to the next note in a chord, the next voice, or even the staff above or below.
  3. Cycle through music items at the same rhythmic position on the same staff with Tab.
  4. Move to the next/previous item of the same type with the left/right arrow keys.
Spitfire BBC Symphony Orchestra Templates

Spitfire BBC Symphony Orchestra Templates

Spitfire Audio’s BBC Symphony Orchestra library is available in three editions, Discover (£49 or free), Core (£399) and Pro (£899).

We have created some Dorico project templates and playback templates for this library so that you can use it more easily in your projects in Dorico Pro, Elements or SE.  You will need Dorico 3.5 or later.


Each zip file contains a project template, playback template and information file.


  • May 2021: making playback of repeated notes in legato passages smoother using tweaks to the expression maps.  Details in the Information PDF in the zip file.
  • Feb 2021: adding the changes in BBCSO v1.2 update (see SpitfireAudio changelog for details)

For information on how to install and use these templates, please watch this video:

For in-depth information about how they were constructed and how you can integrate other libraries with expression maps, and percussion maps to make your own custom playback templates please watch the Discover Dorico session on Expression maps and Playback templates for Spitfire BBCSO Discover.

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