Tip: Fix page layout and edit Flow Headings in Dorico Elements 4


    1. Overwriting text tokens to add titles and other information can lead to layout issues.
    2. In Dorico Elements you can now remove page overrides in Engrave mode.
    3. Instead, add titles and other information to Project Info.
    4. You can edit the format of Flow Headings in Dorico Elements using a new dialog.

Tip: Add notations during note input


  1. You don’t need to exit note input to create other notations.
  2. For example, type Shift+D to open the dynamics popover while the caret is visible.
  3. Enter your required dynamics, even starting a hairpin – the hairpin will extend as you add more notes. End a hairpin by typing ? in the dynamics popover.
  4. Use other popovers to add further notations, for example trills and tremolos.
  5. Almost every type of notation can be created in this way, including playing techniques, tempo changes and clefs.

Tip: Rhythmic grid resolution


  1. The rhythmic grid is used for many operations across Dorico.
  2. Moving the caret with the arrow keys; moving notes; lengthening or shortening items; precise System Track selections.
  3. The default resolution for the rhythmic grid is an eighth note.
  4. This can be changed via the popup control; or the key commands Alt+[ or ].
  5. Now items move by the new grid resolution value.
  6. You can also set key commands or Jump Bar aliases for specific grid resolutions.

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