Tip: Convert notes to grace notes (and back again)


  1. It’s easy to convert notes into grace notes.
  2. Select the notes, and press the grace note button.
  3. Long press the button to choose slashed or unslashed, or press Alt+/.
  4. Unslashed grace notes keep their rhythmic position, so it can be useful to engage Insert mode.
  5. Convert grace notes to normal notes the same way.
  6. Toggle notes and grace notes with the key command / (slash).

Tip: Flip items in Dorico to celebrate Pancake Day


  1. It is easy to flip objects the other way up, or to the other side of the staff.
  2. Simply select an item and press F to flip it.
  3. It works with all kinds of music item, including playing techniques and text.
  4. Get finer control in Engrave mode, for items such as articulations and ties.
  5. Sorry, you will still have to flip your own pancakes.

Tip: Celebrate 2.22.22 and make TWO of things in Dorico 4


  1. Celebrate 2.22.22 with this collection of how to make TWO of things in Dorico 4.
  2. Duplicate Players, Flows and Layouts in Setup mode.
  3. Use a wealth of editing techniques in Write mode to repeat, duplicate and add to music items.
  4. Copy text, music and graphic frames in Engrave mode.
  5. Duplicate VSTs in Play mode.
  6. Print 2 copies of your music in Print mode.
  7. Make duplicates of almost every type of Library item.
  8. Open a second Dorico window, and run two modes at the same time alongside each other.
  9. I hope you enjoy this very special TWOsday!

Tip: Change the voice of selected notes with a key press


    1. Select the notes that should be in a different voice.
    2. Press the button in the toolbox to put the notes in a new voice.
    3. The button now cycles between voices.
    4. Long press the button to create another voice if required.
    5. Use Shift+V to send notes to a new voice.
    6. Use V to cycle through existing voices.
    7. Useful also for swapping the contents of voices.

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