Tip: Start a new project from scratch using only the mouse


  1. Click the New Empty Project button.
  2. Click to Add Solo Player, and browse to find an instrument.
  3. Switch to Write mode to start creating music.
  4. Use the Notations panels on the right-hand side of the Dorico window to add a key signature and time signature.
  5. Use the Bars and Barlines panel to insert some additional bars to write music into.
  6. Using the Notes panel on the left, select note durations and click them into the score at the desired pitches.

Tip: Use the Project Info dialog to set a title and composer


  1. In Dorico, tokens are used to display the same information throughout your layouts.
  2. Open the Project Info dialog and set a title, composer, and any other information you want to use consistently throughout your projects.
  3. You can set flow-specific information by selecting the relevant flow in the dialog sidebar.

Tip: Omit players from flows they do not play in


  1. In Dorico, it is easy to control which players appear in which flows.
  2. In Setup mode select a flow, then uncheck any players that do not feature in that flow.
  3. If you need to remove several players from a flow, it can be easier to select all of the players (use Shift or Ctrl/Cmd to make a multiple selection) and then uncheck the flow for all of them at once.

Tip: Split a flow to create two distinct pieces of music


  1. Split your music at any point and create a new flow by choosing Write > Split Flow.
  2. Use the Project Info dialog from the File menu to name your new flow.
  3. Flows in Dorico are independent of each other, meaning they can contain different players, have different time signatures and key signatures, and have different options for notations, including note grouping and accidental duration rules.

Tip: Reorder flows to fit the structure of your project


  1. Reorder flows by dragging them to a new position in the Flows panel, found in Setup mode.
  2. Alternatively, open the Project Info dialog from the File menu, and use the controls in the sidebar to reorder the flows.
  3. Using the Project Info dialog can be especially useful when you are working with a project that has a large number of flows.

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