Tip: Quickly input a passage of dotted rhythms


  1. To quickly input a passage of dotted rhythms, input the music using straight rhythms. This can be quicker than having to constantly change the note duration.
  2. Select the passage that you want to be dotted.
  3. Tap the dotted notes button. Dorico will automatically dot every second note, resulting in a dotted rhythmic passage.
  4. This also works for double dotted notes and so on.

Tip: Input notes using the new Key Editor in Dorico for iPad


  1. Show the Key Editor in the Write mode lower zone, and enable the Draw tool to input notes.
  2. Tap to input notes. Hold and drag to enter notes with different durations.
  3. Drag notes up and down to change their pitch, and drag the end of a note to change its duration.
  4. Change the grid resolution to allow shorter durations.
  5. Select multiple notes with the Marquee tool.
  6. Drag to move position and pitch.
  7. Use the Erase tool to remove selected notes.

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