Tip: Fine-tune the playback of dynamics


    1. Use the new dynamics lane in Play mode to emphasise a phrase without changing the written dynamic.
    2. Use the Play mode tools to draw in new dynamic levels, including gradual dynamics, to add nuance to your music.
    3. This can be very useful when needing to call out a phrase of music that is otherwise directed to be at the same dynamic level as other parts.
    4. Editing the dynamics lane does not affect the written notation at all, it purely serves to add nuance to playback.

Tip: Show clefs according to transposition of layout


    1. Some instruments use a different clef in concert pitch score layouts to the one used in transposed pitch instrument part layouts.
    2. If you need to change clef in one layout, you can choose whether in shows in other layouts.
    3. Open the properties panel and, with the clef selected, enable the Show for transposition property and choose Concert Pitch or Transposed Pitch.

Tip: Paste text as a line of lyrics


  1. Copy text from text frames, existing lyric lines, or even other applications and easily paste them as new lyrics lines using the Lyrics popover (Shift+L).
  2. Each word or syllable will be pasted as a lyric for each separate note; Dorico will automatically advance the lyric popover when it finds a Space or (hyphen).
  3. Press Space or (hyphen) to create any necessary melismas.