Tip: Change the voice of selected notes with a key press


    1. Select the notes that should be in a different voice.
    2. Press the button in the toolbox to put the notes in a new voice.
    3. The button now cycles between voices.
    4. Long press the button to create another voice if required.
    5. Use Shift+V to send notes to a new voice.
    6. Use V to cycle through existing voices.
    7. Useful also for swapping the contents of voices.

Tip: Control the scope of Insert mode edits


  1. Now in Dorico, you can control how much of your music is affected by Insert mode edits.
  2. Long press the Insert mode button to choose a scope.
  3. You can choose to affect all voices and music items for a player.
  4. Choose Global to insert or remove time across the system.
  5. Extend the current bar to accommodate edits.
  6. Use the Stop position to protect music after that point.

Tip: Musical transformations with the Note Tools popover


  1. Dorico 4 makes it easy and exciting to make melodic and rhythmic transformations to your music.
  2. These can prove to be effective compositional techniques for developing musical ideas and motifs.
  3. There are several new dialogs for musical transformations, found in the Write menu, however you can also execute these via the improved Note Tools popover.
  4. The Note Tools popover is now found in the Notations toolbox, and can be summoned with the key command Shift+I.
  5. You can use it to perform inversions, retrogrades and rotations to pitches and rhythms, and the popover accepts several parameters to control exactly how these functions are performed.

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