Tip: Chord symbols appearance presets


    1. Change the appearance of all chord symbols in your project by selecting one of the presets in Engraving Options.
    2. The presets set several options from the various categories across the Chord Symbols page so that the overall style resembles one of a number of commonly-used formats. There are several presets to choose from.
    3. Once you have selected a preset, you can still override any of the individual options if required.

Tip: Move an instrument to a different player


  1. Switch to Setup mode.
  2. Disclose the player card that contains the instrument you wish to move by clicking on its arrow.
  3. Drag the instrument to the new player card. The card does not need to be disclosed.
  4. Dorico combines the music for both instruments onto one staff automatically, including handling the correct labelling for instrument changes.