To add to the useful files and information that you might like to use with Dorico, we have created a Quick Reference Card. This is intended to stand on your desk as a useful reminder of key commands in Dorico.
You can pick one of these cards up if you are attending a Dorico session, or if you want to download and print it yourself you can do that too!

There is one version (to print & fold) and an A3 version for schools and educational institutions to put on the wall. (Right-click and ‘save as’ to download.)

If you’d like a version of the quick reference card in an alternative language, please get in touch on

If you are just starting out with Dorico and want to try a little directed project to learn some common key commands please see the ‘Getting Started with Note Input‘ article.

Don’t forget there are other places to get help with Dorico too:
Documentation at including the popovers and tokens PDF files
• Our Youtube channel – subscribe and then click on the bell icon to be notified of the latest uploads.
• Our forum – if you have any questions

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