Playback Templates for Dorico

Playback templates (containing endpoint setups, expression maps and percussion maps) are available for various sample libraries. 

Below is a list of the options currently available, including expression maps that you can use to create your own playback templates.

This page will be updated as new ones are created, or linked to if created by the manufacturers or other people using Dorico.  If you have a playback template you’d like us to link to or add then please let us know by email.

NB: Please note some of these are links to external sites.  Steinberg cannot be held responsible for downloads from external websites.

Acoustic Samples

Audio Imperia

Big Fish Audio

Cinematic Studio


  • forum Hollywood Brass
  • forum Hollywood Choir
  • forum Hollywood Strings
  • forum Hollywood Woodwinds
  • forum Symphonic Orchestra (EWQLSO)
  • forum Symphonic Orchestra Gold (EWQLSO Gold)



  • forum Joshua Bell Violin

Fable Sounds


  • download  Jazz and Big Band (JABB) (Feb ’23)
  • forum Personal Orchestra 5 (GPO5)

IK Multimedia

  • forum Miroslav Philharmonic 1


Native Instruments

  • Cremona Quartet – see e-instruments
  • download Jacob Collier Audience Choir
  • Komplete – see Orchestral Tools Berklee – some are included with that download


  • website  Official playback template installed automatically when purchasing and installing NotePerformer
  • forum NotePerformer (individual outputs)

Orchestral Tools

  • download   Berklee playback template (Feb ’23)
  • download Berklee with NI Komplete, HSSE+HSO.  For ease of use, some combined playback templates using either NI Komplete and/or the Dorico default HSSE+HSO sounds as fallbacks for instruments that aren’t included in the Berklee Orchestral Tools Orchestra (Feb ’23)
  • forum Duplex Saxophones
  • forum Harpsichords
  • forum Miroire
  • forum Muted Brass
  • forum Symphonic Strings

Sample Modeling

  • forum Sample Modeling expression maps


  • article Olympus Choir Elements – upgrade from the Olympus Choir Micro in Dorico Elements & Pro



  • article Iconica Sections & Players (inc. optional VEPro template)
  • article Steinberg instruments, inc. CI Marimba, Harpsichord 1738, Electric Bass, MGuitar, TGuitar
  • download Simon Phillips Jazz Drums
  • download Simon Phillips Studio Drums
  • download Simon Phillips Vintage Drums


  • article for Synchron, Synchon-ized, Prime Edition and other VSL libraries

If you can’t find what you need here, try this forum post for templates from other Dorico users or asking on our forum

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