Following on from the Spitfire Audio BBCSO playback template, here is a Dorico playback template for the Spitfire Audio Eric Whitacre Choir.

Crafted and conducted by the Grammy Award winner, the library is available to purchase from the Spitfire Audio website.  Download and install the library and then use this Dorico playback template:

In the zip file is the .dorico_pt playback template that will automatically load the samples from this library for each of the singers in your Dorico project, and assign the appropriate expression maps.

The available techniques (with automatic switching for legato and short notes) are:

  • Aah (default)
  • Mmm
  • Oh
  • Ooh
  • Soft, breathy

There are also some ‘Eric’s funtime FX’ mapped such as Ha; Hey!; Huh; long breath; finger & mouth clicks; slap; whisper; and palm rub.

For full details, including how to set up a combined playback template for this choir with your favourite sample library in Dorico, see the included documentation in the provided zip file.

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