Tip: Switch between slashed and unlashed grace notes


  1. Start note input, then click the Grace Notes button in the Notes toolbar at the left of the window.
  2. The caret becomes less tall, indicating you are now inputting grace notes.
  3. You can also use the key command /.
  4. By default, grace notes will be slashed.
  5. Press Alt+/ to toggle between slashed and unslashed grace notes.
  6. You can always toggle existing grace notes from slashed to unslashed (or vice versa) using the Grace note type properties in the Grace Note section of the Properties panel.

Tip: Build chords using the intervals popover


  1. Select the note or notes you would like to build chords on.
  2. Type Shift+I to open the intervals popover.
  3. Enter a number to add notes above the selected notes.
  4. For example, type 3 and press Enter to add notes a third above the selected notes. Type -3 to add the notes a third below.
  5. Separate numbers with commas to add multiple notes, for example type 3,6 to add notes a third and a sixth about the select notes.
  6. You can also specify the quality of the interval, for example typing dim5 adds a diminished fifth above the selected notes.
  7. If you type a t before the number it will transpose the existing selection rather than add new notes.
  8. For example, typing t4 transposes the selected notes by a fourth.