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and many other useful downloads – just visit the Resources page.

Feature Comparison

  • Dorico Pro – Write for an unlimited number of players, editable page templates for professional engraving with Engrave mode, 2000+ included instrument sounds (8GB library)
  • Dorico Elements – Write for up to 24 players, limited Engrave mode, 1500 instrument sounds (2.5GB library)
  • Dorico SE – Write for two players – and it’s free to download
  • Dorico iPad – Write for two players (of four with a free MySteinberg account) – download for free from the App Store

For a full comparison list please visit Compare Dorico Editions.

Save over 40%

To download a trial or to purchase Dorico Elements or Pro, please visit
If you already own Sibelius or Finale choose the crossgrade discount for Dorico Pro and save ~50%
Otherwise, use your church CCLI number and save 40% on Dorico Elements or Pro as well as other software from Steinberg – see the Benefits section of your CCLI account for details.

Try Dorico for yourself

Dorico SE is completely free to download and use, forever.

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