We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Dorico 5.0.10, the first maintenance release for Dorico 5.0, which was released a week ago. This is a free update for existing Dorico Pro 5, Dorico Elements 5 and Dorico SE 5 users, and fixes a number of issues that have cropped up since the initial release of Dorico 5 – plus it adds a couple of small improvements to some of the headline features in the new version.

Improvements in Dorico 5.0.10

As always, you can find all of the details in the updated Dorico 5.0.10 Version History PDF, but here are a few highlights:

  • Scrub playback now considers the selection when determining which instruments to play during scrubbing, and also considers the instrument filter in galley view, if one is chosen. You can also now scrub left and right with the arrow keys, and the playhead appears during scrubbing to help orientate you in the music. Scrub playback now also handles microtonal pitches correctly.
  • MIDI trigger regions now support the Suppress playback property, so it’s possible to make triggers play back only on some passes through the repeat structure.
  • Live note editing now allows notes to be snapped to octaves when editing their pitch by holding Ctrl (Windows) or Command (macOS) while dragging.

There are a bunch of fixes for the new instrument editor, and a number of small user interface problems have been solved as well. Some users were also unlucky enough to experience a problem with opening some existing projects, which could cause Dorico to crash – this has now been knocked on the head as well.

There are still some remaining issues affecting small numbers of users that we are still working on:

  • Some users running macOS 11 with specific Intel graphics adaptors (e.g. Intel Graphics 5000HD) cannot run Dorico, due to a bug in the Metal drivers. We are in touch with the team at Qt about this problem.
  • Some users are experiencing frequent audio engine crashes. We are working with our audio engine team to address this as soon as possible.
  • Some users are experiencing problems with MIDI output, so far only on Windows. Again, we are working with our audio engine team to investigate this at the moment.

We will provide more information about these issues as soon as we can.

We are also working on some issues in Dorico for iPad concerning Apple Pencil support: some changes in the underlying Qt framework have caused problems with certain controls becoming unresponsive to the Pencil. We will issue a new update for Dorico for iPad as soon as we have solved these problems.

Installing the update

Dorico 5.0.10 is a free update for existing Dorico Pro 5, Dorico Elements 5 and Dorico SE 5 users. If you are currently running Dorico Pro 4 or Dorico Elements 4 or earlier, you can buy an update to Dorico Pro 5 or Dorico Elements 5 from the Steinberg online shop.

Assuming you already have Dorico 5.0 installed, you can update to Dorico 5.0.10 free of charge. First, quit Dorico and any other Steinberg application that you are running on your computer. We recommend that you run Steinberg Download Assistant, which will automatically update Steinberg Activation Manager to the latest version, along with any other elements of the Steinberg run-time environment (including eLicenser Control Center, Steinberg Library Manager, and very importantly in this case, MediaBay) that may be outdated on your computer.

Once Steinberg Download Manager has finished updating any required components, go to My product downloads in the left-hand list, where you will find Dorico Pro 5, Dorico Elements 5, or Dorico SE 5, depending on which product you have installed. Select this, and on the right-hand side you will see Dorico 5.0.10 Application Installer. Click the Install button immediately to the right. This will download and run the Dorico 5.0.10 installer.

If for any reason you cannot use Steinberg Download Assistant, you can find all the installers you require here.

What’s next

We are hard at work on addressing the remaining issues described above, and are excited to deliver more new features and improvements in the coming weeks and months. In the meantime, we hope you are enjoying all of the new tools that Dorico 5 provides.

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