1. Dorico will condense aligned music from different staves, aiming to write it as notes on just one stem where possible.
  2. Where the rhythms differ, Dorico must then write the music using two voices.
  3. By default, music can switch between being written in one or two voices within a phrase. However, sometimes it may be clearer or more desirable to always use two voices.
  4. The Prevent amalgamation option in Notation Options prevents Dorico from switching between using one and two voices within a phrase. With it set, if a phrase has any notes that must be written using two voices, the whole phrase uses two voices. However, other compatible phrases may still condense down to one stem.
  5. If you would like a layout to condense always using two voices, insert a Condensing change from the Engrave menu, setting up manual condensing for each condensing group of instruments required.

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