1. Type Ctrl/Cmd+N to start a new project.
  2. Add a new solo player by typing Shift+P.
  3. Type to filter the results and press Return to add an instrument.
  4. Switch to Write mode by typing Ctrl/Cmd+2.
  5. Type the right arrow key to select the top stave.
  6. Type Shift+K to add a key signature (use upper case letter for major keys and lower case letters for minor keys).
  7. Type Shift+M to add a meter or time signature (type your desired time signature in the format ‘numerator’ / ‘denominator’).
  8. Type Shift+N to start note input (use letters A-G for pitches, and numbers 1-9 for the durations). Use ‘.’ for dotted notes.
  9. There are dozens of key commands to help you, and you can create your own in preferences.