1. In Setup mode, use the button at the bottom of the Layouts panel to add a new full score layout.
  2. Rename the layout to distinguish it from your existing full score.
  3. Open Layout Options, ensuring you are looking at the settings for the correct layout that you have just created.
  4. On the Page Setup page, select an appropriate page size for your pocket edition; reduce the space size so that the music fits comfortably. You may need to try a few different settings to find the best combination.
  5. The page and music frame margins can be reduced to remove some of the white space around the edge of the page.
  6. Enable condensing on the Players page, and include section players where relevant.
  7. On the Vertical Spacing page, the Staff Visibility section contains the option to hide empty staves, though it is generally a good idea to show all staves on the first page, so the reader can see the full instrumentation for the piece.
  8. Once your new option settings have been applied, you can view your new layout by selecting it using the popup menu control at the top of the main Dorico window.

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