1. Sometimes you may have a project for choir and orchestra, and need to produce a vocal score that contains a piano reduction. The piano reduction should not appear in the Full score.
  2. Add a new player and assign a piano to it. Create your piano reduction, perhaps using some of Dorico’s powerful editing features.
  3. In Setup mode, select the Full score from the Layouts panel, and in the Players panel uncheck the Piano player. This will mean the piano reduction is not shown in the Full score layout.
  4. Create a new Custom Score layout, give it a name, and check any player you want to appear. In this case, that would be all of the vocal players and the piano reduction. Remember also to check all flows you want to appear in the layout.
  5. Choose the Vocal score from the layout selector in the toolbar. You may need to make some changes to layout options in order to get the layout looking exactly how you want.

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