1. Selecting any tied note selects the entire tie chain, meaning dynamics and other items are created at the start of the tie chain.
  2. You are able to drag the dynamic to the desired position if you like, however you are also able to create dynamics and other music items at any position by using the rhythmic position of the caret when note input is active.
  3. Double-click a note or rhythmic position to show the note input caret. You can also select a note and press Return, or make a selection at the desired rhythmic position and press Shift+N.
  4. When the caret is visible is you can move it by using the arrow keys, which will move it by the amount of the current rhythmic grid resolution. You can also advance the caret by using the Space key, which moves it forward by the currently selected note duration (the note selected in the Notes panel).
  5. Now when you create a dynamic, either by using the Dynamics panel, or the popover, it is created at the current rhythmic position of the caret.
  6. Creating a gradual dynamic such as a hairpin also works when using the popover when note input is active. Advance the caret using the Space bar to lengthen the hairpin, and create an immediate dynamic at the point you would like it to end.

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