1. Dorico can automatically calculate the pedal positions required for a harp to play the written music.
  2. Any notes that out not playable using the current pedal positions are displayed in red. This is controlled by the View > Notes And Rest Colours > Notes Out Of Range menu item.
  3. Select a note where you would like to change the harp pedaling, and choose Write > Calculate Harp Pedal. Dorico looks ahead in the music and creates a pedal diagram that will work for as long as possible. When you come to a note coloured red, this indicates that a change in harp pedaling is required, and you can create a new pedal diagram at this point using the same menu item.
  4. When creating subsequent pedal diagrams, Dorico can create a partial diagram displaying only the pedals that must be changed to a new position. This can be controlled for all diagrams in the project using Engraving Options, or for individual diagrams using the properties panel.
  5. You can choose to display full harp pedal changes using note names or a diagram. This can be set on a per-layout basis, using Layout Options, or for individual pedal changes using the properties panel.

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