1. By default, Dorico has mouse input enabled, meaning you can select a note in the Notes panel and click in the score to enter music.
    2. While this can be very useful—and many people choose to work this way—some prefer to input notes using either a MIDI keyboard or their computer keyboard.
    3. Of course, you can input using a keyboard with mouse input still enabled. However, you can run the risk of clicking in score by mistake and entering notes you didn’t mean; and you have to disable note input before selecting other items in the score.
    4. When you enable Select, clicking on the score does not input notes. And when you click on another music item (notes, rests, dynamics, tempo and so on) it is selected, and note input exited.
    5. If you like this way of working, you can make it the default behaviour on the Note Input and Editing page of Preferences.

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