1. In Write mode, make a selection containing notes of the same pitch, and press the Tie button in the Notes toolbox of the left side of the window to tie those notes together.
  2. You can use the tie button during note input to create durations of any length, by toggling it on before you enter the note.
  3. Notes do not need to be adjacent to be tied.
  4. You can tie notes to other notes of the same pitch even if they are in a different voice or staff.
  5. When you tie notes together, they will be combined into one note with a duration totalling the individual note lengths. Depending on the prevailing Notation Options, this may cause the newly-tied note to be rewritten (for example, a dotted quarter note tied to an eight note may end up being written as a single half note). In order to have control over the divisions in the tie chain, enable Force Durations in the Notes toolbox, or press O. If you wish to revert the tie chain to using the Notation Options, simply uncheck the Force Duration button.

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