1. When you create a slash region in Dorico, any existing music currently on the staves will be preserved.
  2. To create a slash region, make a selection then open the Notations panel in Write mode, choose the Repeats panels and expand the Rhythm Slashes section. Click the Create Slash Region button.
  3. You can drag the handles for the slash region in Write mode to change the start and end positions of the region. Doing this when you have existing music under the slash region will reveal the music.
  4. Music beneath the slash region will continue to play back. This is very useful when creating a score that includes a solo section, that will be improvised during performance, because you can include music that will be indicative of what might be played in a live context.
  5. You can still see the music beneath slash regions in Play mode, and all editing functions still apply to the music.

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