Dorico is already in use in schools, music colleges and universities in a number of countries, including the world-famous Royal Academy of Music in London, and to give more institutions a real incentive to bring Dorico into their classrooms, with the release of Dorico Pro 2 we have made available time-limited introductory pricing that allows you to save an enormous 60% off the standard educational price when you buy five or more seats of Dorico Pro 2 – and that applies both to new educational licenses, and to crossgrades from existing Sibelius and Finale site licenses.

A company you can trust

Founded more than 30 years ago, Steinberg is a global leader in music technology software and hardware. Our products are not only used by professional musicians around the world, but they are also very widely used in schools. In addition to our world-famous digital audio workstation, Cubase, we also produce a full range of USB audio interfaces, apps for iPhone and iPad (e.g. Cubasis and Smart Click), WaveLab (for audio editing and mastering), as well as a complete range of virtual instruments and sound libraries.

A product you will love

Dorico allows you and your students to write, publish and play back music notation to the highest professional standards, all in line with examination board requirements. Music is a vital subject in school, and students and teachers deserve the best music software in their departments. Dorico will help teachers to prepare materials more quickly and easily than ever before, whether you are producing hand-outs or arrangements for your school ensembles, and the quality of its printed output is second to none. For students, Dorico’s unique understanding of music theory will support their explorations into composition, and its unique integrated sequencer with piano roll display helps to bridge the gap for students who are less experienced with music notation. And Dorico is really easy to use and quick to learn, with a very appealing user interface. Dorico is available for Mac and Windows.

Steinberg can offer training and complete customer support: our YouTube channel has dozens of tutorials, and free technical support via phone and email is available.

An offer you can’t afford to miss

Special educational pricing is available for all Steinberg software products, saving you 40% off the suggested retail price – and for a limited time, when you buy five or more copies of Dorico Pro for your institution, you can save a further 60% off the normal educational pricing. You can save even more if your institution already has a site license for Sibelius or Finale: crossgrades are available at a further discount, and you don’t have to give up your existing software.

The recommended retail price of Dorico Pro 2 is €579 inc. German VAT, $579 US, or £480 inc. UK VAT. The standard educational price for teachers, students and institutions to buy Dorico Pro 2 is €349 inc. German VAT, $349 US, or £299 inc. UK VAT. If you are eligible for educational pricing and have a copy of Sibelius or Finale, the crossgrade price is €179 inc. German VAT, $179 US, or £154 inc. UK VAT.

With this special offer, when you buy five or more copies of Dorico Pro 2, each copy will cost just €139 inc. German VAT, $139 US, or £119 inc. UK VAT. And if you have an existing site license for Sibelius or Finale, when you buy five or more copies of the Dorico Pro 2 crossgrade, each copy will cost just €72 inc. German VAT, $72 US, or £62 inc. UK VAT.

Dorico Elements 2 is not included in this special offer, but it already has incredible pricing for education: teachers, students and institutions can buy Dorico Elements 2 for €66.99 inc. German VAT, $66.99 US or £58 inc. UK VAT. Volume discounts are available for Dorico Elements 2: for 5-9 seats, save 15% on each seat; for 10-24 seats, save 20% on each seat; and for 25 or more seats, save 25% on each seat – so you can kit out your music classroom with Dorico Elements for as little as €54 inc. German VAT / $54 US / £47 inc. UK VAT per seat.

(All prices are correct at the time of writing. Errors and omissions exempt. These are manufacturer’s suggested retail prices only: authorised Steinberg resellers may offer different, often slightly lower, prices.)

At these prices, bringing Dorico into your school, college or university for the new academic year instead of buying another upgrade to your existing music notation software becomes a real option worth exploring.

This offer expires on 31 October 2018. You can take advantage of this introductory offer when you buy from any of our recommended educational retailers, or you can contact us for a quote.

More information

Every secondary school, sixth form college, university and conservatory in the UK is receiving this week a 16-page Dorico brochure, and a letter outlining this special offer: if you didn’t get one but would like one, you can download a PDF version here, or drop me a line and I’ll send one to you.

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