If you’ve been waiting to try out Dorico Pro 4 or Dorico Elements 4 before you buy, the wait is over: you can now download a free 30-day trial of either version from the Steinberg web site.

Downloading, installing and activating your trial

The process is simple:

  • Visit the Steinberg web site and click the button to request a trial either of Dorico Pro 4 or Dorico Elements 4.
  • Sign in to the web site with your Steinberg ID, or create one if you’ve not downloaded a Steinberg product before (it’s free), and in a few minutes you’ll receive an email containing a Download Access Code, which will allow you to download the software and grant you your 30-day trial license.
  • You may already have Steinberg Download Assistant installed on your computer, but if not, you can download it here. Install SDA if necessary, then run it.
  • Sign in to SDA if you are prompted, then click Enter your Download Access Code in the top left corner of the SDA window.
  • Copy and paste the Download Access Code you received by email.
  • Now Dorico Pro 4 or Dorico Elements 4 will appear in the My downloadable products category on the left-hand side.
  • Select the product as appropriate, and on the right-hand side, click the Install All button, which will download and install all of the required components. This will take a few minutes (or longer, depending on your Internet speed), so go and enjoy your favourite beverage while you wait.
  • Once all of the progress bars for the downloads have turned green and the button to their right reads Install Again, you’re ready to go.
  • Run Dorico 4 using the icon on your desktop or from your Start menu (Windows) or by double-clicking the Dorico 4 icon in your Applications folder (macOS).
  • When Dorico 4 starts up, Steinberg Activation Manager will run and ask you to sign in one last time with your Steinberg ID. Sign in, and Dorico 4 will start up.

Please note that your 30-day trial period begins as soon as you enter your Download Access Code into Steinberg Download Assistant, so if you do not intend to use Dorico for a few days, wait until you are ready to begin your trial before entering the Download Access Code.

Taking your first steps

If you’ve used a previous version of Dorico, you should find it easy to get started with Dorico 4, but you may be interested to learn about the many, many new features in this version. A great way to do this is to watch this YouTube playlist:

If you’re completely new to Dorico, we recommend you take the time to work through the Dorico First Steps guide, which introduces all of the key concepts of the software through a couple of simple projects that you can work on from beginning to end in a few hours.

If you would prefer a video walkthrough, then try this YouTube playlist. It is targeted at the free Dorico SE, but the principles are all the same:

Any problems?

We hope you will enjoy your Dorico 4 trial. If you run into any problems, or have any questions about using the software, please come to the Dorico forum, where you are assured of a warm welcome and swift assistance.

Try Dorico for yourself

Dorico SE is completely free to download and use, forever.

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