Many of the thousands of musicians who are using Dorico today started out with a different music notation program. There are many thousands more who are interested in trying Dorico but are worried about making the switch, because they are afraid it will be too difficult or too time-consuming. We would love to reassure those musicians not only that they can do it, but that they will be very glad that they did.

That’s where you come in! If you are willing to share your own story about how and why you switched to Dorico, we would love to share those stories with other musicians through YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

All you need to do is record a short video, using your phone (hold it in landscape orientation if possible) or your computer’s camera, and tell us something about why you decided to try Dorico, how you approached the switch from your previous program, and why it’s all been worth it.

The video doesn’t need to be long or fancy: just say what you’ve got to say directly into the camera in a minute or two, and then share it with us. Don’t add any graphics or add any music, or we might not be able to use your story.

To submit your video, either upload it as an unlisted video on YouTube, or send it to us using a transfer site like WeTransfer, YouSendIt, or using a cloud storage link to Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, iCloud Drive, etc. Send the link to us at by 10 July 2020.

Please be sure to tell us in your email how you would like to be identified if we use your story. Include your name, your musical specialism (e.g. composer, arranger, educator, performer, copyist, etc.), and if you’d also like to include your preferred social media handle, by all means do so.

By sending us your video, you’re granting us permission to use it, in whole or in part, on our YouTube channel and across other social media sites as part of a marketing campaign designed to encourage users of Finale and Sibelius to take advantage of a special offer on the Dorico crossgrade later in the summer of 2020.

Thank you for helping us to spread the word about Dorico to other musicians all over the world!

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