We’re pleased to announce the immediate availability of Dorico 3.1.10, a maintenance release free to all existing Dorico Pro 3, Dorico Elements 3 and Dorico SE customers. This is a modest update focused on fixing bugs, with little to speak of in the way of brand new functionality. There are a couple of little tweaks to popover input, such as being able to type tr p1 into the Shift+O popover to create a unison trill, handy for timpani, and you can type e.g. g2 to create a treble clef, f4 to create a bass clef, and c3 to create an alto clef in the Shift+C popover, but that’s more or less it: otherwise we have focused on improving the application’s stability and on squashing bugs that have been reported since Dorico 3.1 was released in January.

To download the update, either run Steinberg Download Assistant and download the Update Dorico 3.x to Dorico 3.1.10 package from the appropriate Dorico 3 product listing, or go to the Dorico 3 download page in the Support area of the Steinberg web site to download the update. For full details of what is fixed and improved in this version, please refer to the Dorico 3 Version History PDF.

This is the final planned release in the Dorico 3.1.x series, and the team is hard at work on adding exciting new features for our next major release, which is planned for later in 2020. As always, we hope you continue to enjoy using Dorico, and we invite you to share your feedback and requests with us via the Dorico forum.

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