We are delighted to introduce a brand new member of the Dorico product family today: Dorico SE is a completely free version of Dorico, available for Windows and macOS, which anybody can download and use with no time limits. Create beautiful sheet music for one or two players, produce great-sounding MP3 files, print, or export PDFs. It’s easy to learn and fast to use, with many of the unique features of its bigger siblings, Dorico Elements and Dorico Pro. Read on for more information about this powerful, free software.

Dorico SE is the ideal starting point for young composers and arrangers who are looking to take their first steps into producing music notation. Other free and low-cost packages are of course already available, but Dorico SE brings a number of unique capabilties to the world of free music notation software for the first time.

In particular, Dorico SE includes all of the features of Dorico Pro’s powerful Play mode. Instead of viewing and editing your music as regular staff notation or tablature, in Play mode you can view your music in a piano roll, which will be familiar to anybody who has worked in a sequencer or digital audio workstation like Cubase. There are dedicated editors for velocity, MIDI controllers, and, new in Dorico 3.1 and included in Dorico SE, dynamics. It also comes with HALion Sonic SE 3, the high-performance sample player VST instrument, and its library of more than 1000 production-ready sounds, plus a suite of 30 VST effects, including convolution reverb, parametric EQ, guitar amp simulation, and more. No other free music notation software includes these kinds of powerful tools for tweaking playback – and Dorico SE makes it easy to export WAV or MP3 files of your compositions, which are easy to share or post online.

Dorico SE also includes all of the powerful and flexible note input and editing tools of its bigger siblings. Dorico SE allows you to write in open meter, write a different time signature in each player, lengthen and shorten notes, convert to and from tuplets, make use of Dorico’s unique Insert mode, and more. You’ll find that Dorico is an ideal environment for experimenting with and developing musical ideas – more like a musical word processor than the musical typewriter of other, less flexible scoring software.

If you eventually outgrow the capabilities of Dorico SE, you can upgrade to Dorico Elements at a special price: simply click the Upgrade button in the Steinberg Hub to be taken to the Steinberg Online Shop, where you will see the latest price in your currency. Dorico Elements allows you to write for ensembles of up to 12 players, and includes the fantastic Soundiron Olympus Choir Micro sounds. You can even move all the way up to Dorico Pro if you want to experience everything the world of Dorico has to offer.

If you’re already a Dorico user, it’s worth knowing that Dorico SE can open projects created in Dorico Elements and Dorico Pro. If a project is written for more than two players, it will still open in Dorico SE, but read-only, allowing you to play it back, print it, or export graphics from it. So it can be a useful Dorico viewer for anybody you’re working with who hasn’t yet taken the plunge and added Dorico to their toolbox.

You can download Dorico SE free today. Simply visit the web site and click the Download button. You’ll be prompted to sign in with or create your Steinberg ID, and you’ll then receive the activation code you require by email. We can’t wait to see what you create with Dorico SE!

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