This offer has now expired.

If you’ve been thinking about switching to Dorico from Finale or Sibelius, then this is an uncommonly good time to make your move, as the 30% discount also applies to the Dorico Pro 2 crossgrade. All you need to qualify is proof of ownership of a license for the full version of Finale (any version up to and including Finale v26) or Sibelius (any version of Sibelius up to Sibelius 2018.4, or any version of Sibelius Ultimate; if you are a monthly subscriber to Sibelius Ultimate, you qualify for the crossgrade provided you have been a subscriber for at least 12 months). You don’t have to give up your existing notation software, and you can continue to use and upgrade it.

Educational licenses are excluded from this special offer, but our educational prices are already amazing value, so do check out the range of products at special educational prices on the Steinberg online shop. If you’re a school or other institution looking to buy five or more copies of Dorico for your school, please contact us for a quote or to be put in touch with your local reseller.

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