Privacy Policy

Personal information

Personal information encompasses individual details about personal or business relations of a specific or specifiable natural person (affected party), e.g. your own personal information such as name, address, telephone number, and date of birth.

Anonymous data collection

In principle, you can visit our web pages without informing us who you are. When our pages are viewed we automatically register your IP address or the domain name of the user as well as which pages are viewed. We use this information to statistically evaluate the usage of our site by our visitors and to continuously improve our web pages using the gained insights. For this reason we are using the Google Analytics software. In this process you will remain anonymous as individual user.


This website uses etracker technology ( to collect visitor behavior data. This data is collected anonymously to be used for marketing and optimization purposes. All visitor data is saved using an anonymous user ID and can be aggregated to a usage profile. Cookies may be used to collect and save this data, but the data remains strictly anonymous. The data will not be used to identify a visitor personally and are not aggregated with any personal data. The collection and storage of data may be refused at any time with respect to subsequent services.

Collection, processing, and disclosure of personal data

In some areas of our web site we request personal data from you to help us identify you as a person. Normally this will involve so-called inventory data, i.e. such personal information of a user required for the justification, design of content, or change of a contractual relationship in regards to our Tele/Media service. Such inventory data are collected for example when you create a user account and/or register Steinberg products, but also if you wish to participate in our chat room or our forums.

We process these inventory data in such a fashion that the highest possible privacy of your personal data is safeguarded. Using authentication and authorization procedures, we ensure as much as possible that unauthorized individuals have no access to your personal data or use services that are exclusive to you. In addition, we collect your personal information always then and to the extent required for the contractual purpose e.g. when you participate in our competitions and we need your address data for a possible notification of winning.

Only with your explicit consent do we pass on personal information to third parties (e.g. our distributors) especially when these third parties have their domicile outside of the states covered by European Union law. Also we will only contact you in an unsolicited way by means of the personal information stored on our servers if you have given your explicit consent to do so.

Consent and use of data only for the purpose stated

In as far as you are asked to enter personal information (e.g. email addresses, names, addresses) on one of our web pages, the submission of these data (Submit) is strictly on a voluntary basis. In these cases, we ask your explicit consent whilst stating the purpose of use. We do not collect, process, or use this data for other purposes without your express consent.

At any time you can revoke your consent which will become effective in the future.


Cookies help us tailor our web pages to your needs. Cookies are text files containing information which your web browser stores on your computer when you open a web page.

We use this cookie technology to tailor our web pages to your language and preferred areas of interest. If you do not want this, you can simply disable cookies in your browser. Most browsers accept cookies by default but provide you with options to disallow cookies or to show a warning before storing them.

Access right and public procedure directory

Upon request, we communicate to you in written form — in compliance with applicable law — if we have personal information stored from you and if so, which data. In addition you have the right to rectification, blocking, and deletion of this personal information.

In our public procedure directory we have summarized the details as per section 4e of the Bundesdatenschutzgesetzes (Federal Data Protection Act – BDSG). Our commissioner for data protection will be happy to open this procedure directory should you express the desire to do so to him.


We apply technical and organizational security measures to protect personal information from accidental or intended manipulation, loss, destruction, or access by unauthorized persons. We adjust our security measures to align with technological developments and improve them on a continuous basis to ensure the highest possible safety standard.

You can contribute towards the security of the personal information stored on our servers by for example safekeeping the passwords to access our services and to not pass them on to third parties without checking, even when these claim to be Steinberg employees. Steinberg employees will never ask you for a password.

Company data protection commissioner

Should you have questions regarding the processing of your personal information, you can directly contact our commissioner for data protection who can also be of service with informational inquiries, requests, or complaints:

Matthias Lindner
intersoft consulting services AG
Frankenstr. 18a
20097 Hamburg

Phone: +49 (0)40 790235 – 0

The data protection commissioner will only answer questions regarding our privacy policy and will not respond to any product support related issues.