Thanks for stopping by! My name is Daniel Spreadbury, and I’m Product Marketing Manager for Steinberg‘s in-development scoring application. Making Notes is a blog dedicated to discussion of the development of our new application, and to related areas of music notation and music technology… basically, I’ll post whatever I, as a music notation and technology geek, find interesting, and hope that you find it interesting too.

About me

meI’ve been working for Steinberg since November 2012. Prior to working at Steinberg, I was senior product manager for Sibelius, and have been working in the field of music notation software since 1999.

Following the closure in July 2012 of the London office where Sibelius was developed, which resulted in the team being laid off, Steinberg set up a new research and development centre in London, hiring as many of the former Sibelius development team as possible, and setting us to work on developing a new, professional-level scoring application.

I hold a Master of Arts degree in Music from University College, Oxford, and I am a keen choral singer (I sang professionally in the choir of Ely Cathedral for a couple of years after completing my degree studies) and choral director (my regular gig is as director of the Cantilena Singers, an amateur chamber choir based in south Cambridgeshire). I’m happily married to my beautiful wife, Sarah, and have two adorable children, a daughter called Amelia and a son called Ayrton.

If you want to find out even more about me, you can find me at various places around the social web:

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